The Return of the Modern Philosopher

Crystal BallIn a move that is sure to get him the Psychic vote in the upcoming Gubernatorial Election, Maine Governor Paul LePage signed a law today allowing the use of medical marijuana by Psychics suffering from second sight glaucoma.

“I knew this day would come.  I had foreseen it,” declared Madame Clara, the Bangor Psychic who had led the campaign for second sight glaucoma sufferers.  “The vision was hazy at first because of my condition, but I can see everything so much clearer now, if you know that I mean.”

Maine is a pretty laid back state, so the new law didn’t come as a surprise to this Modern Philosopher, who actually got a nice chuckle out of the fact that LePage waited until April 20 to approve it.  Perhaps a little showmanship on the embattled Governor’s part?

potCy Brown, the famed Bangor attorney, was proud to tell me this it…

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